BuddyFeed 2.0 polishes FriendFeed experience for iPhone.
– David Chartier, Macworld.com

Intuitive design, app flexibility, and ease-of-use are among many reason why BuddyFeed is one of the best social networking applications in iTunes
– iPhone Apps Finder

BuddyFeed is a FriendFeed client for iPhone and iPod touch. It offers a lot of useful features with clean interface and is very easy to use.

View your feeds everywhere

BuddyFeed Navigation

Discover the content of messages

Discover the content of messages

Actions on the messages

actions on the messages

Post a new message with ease

post messages

Features List

  • View your feeds of home, lists, rooms and everyone.
  • View your own feeds, likes and commented messages.
  • Inline web browser for links in messages.
  • View comments and likes of messages.
  • View user profiles and feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • Search all public feeds
  • Post messages
  • Post message to a room
  • Post images in messages
  • Post comment to messages
  • Mark like/unlike of messages
  • Hide/unhide messages
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a user
  • Bookmarklet for Safari for posting messages




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